Migrated a site Dev to Prod - Prod works until Dev is switched off

Hi, here's the story thus far:

1) built a non-production C5 (8.2.1) Dev site (on my hosted account)
2) followed instructions in documentation to migrate to Production URL
3) Everything seems lovely, and some new content is added to the site (important)
4) After customer acceptance, I suspend the Dev Site and Prod no longer works, error is
SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'devurl_admin'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

So, it seems that the Production site is still accessing the Dev database! Since new content has been added to the site since go-live, what would be the best procedure to fix this? It's probably back up the SQL using myPHPAdmin, then restore to the Prod DB, but what are the caveats? They always seems to exist!

Thanks in advance.

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c5dragon replied on at Permalink Reply
User has no access rights for the database? (Or the user is nonexistent)

I sometimes get this 'error' when I forgot to switch to production (live) connection in database.php when uploading from local to server.
jgaryt replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank for your reply!

And that was the issue originally. So I backed up production, then exported DEV SQL, made a NEW database on production and tried an import. It failed with a referential integrity error (primary key duplicate or something), so I tried an entire DB export from Dev with a "database drop/Add" command and tried importing that into localhost on myPHPAdmin, and that failed with a SQL syntax error in "blocks" import.

I also tried importing the tables into a clean C5 database, but that failed too.

so for now, I am stuck using the DEV database in another WHM account for my production database.