mod_pagespeed vs cloudflare for a slow c5 site

I'm trying to figure out anyway to speed my site up, and at the same time try and cut back on memory usage. The site is hosted by dreamhost on a VPS account. Currently I have it set to 1250mb, but I often seem to exceed that. Dreamhost offers both page speed as well as cloudflare, can both be used together, or our you better off with one or the other. Do either work better with c5 sites?

the website is

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pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
Do you ave APC caching installed?
dlntx9 replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not sure if apc is installed, it's not something I have installed and I dont see anything on dreamhost about it. In the dreamhost dashboard I have the vps selected to use php5.3xfast cgi and php xcache disabled as it is not compatible with php5.3 x

I've turned on cloudflare, and since doing so the site has been timing out, and sometimes doesn't load at all.