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Hi folks, another stupid (?!) newbie question. Please be patient w/me. ;-)

I was getting a little frustrated the last days. The more sites I have created, the more I ran into the situation that I had to do the same jobs over and over again.

Today the Move/Copy Page function caught my attention.

So here is my question. Suppose I have created a new page and there is identical content and layout for 10 more sites. I only want to change a few photos, some headers maybe and some content areas.

Is it possible to use the Move/Copy Page function to copy the original page and use it as my 'master page' for the 10 other pages I want to create?

If so, this would mean an enormous speed up for my workflow.

Another question that bases on my assumption the Move/Copy Page function works the way I suppose/hope... ;-)

I was wondering, if a modification on the parent page will lead to modifications on the child pages and vice-versa, too?

What I want to say, in my case this would be an unwanted side-effect.

I am looking for a solution to built a master page and to use most of its content, but still being able to modify the child pages the way I want to.

Any suggestions, ideas are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Okay I just tried it, and yes you can do exactly that. Copy the page where you want, and than open its properties and change the page paths location to match what you want the pages name to be. So if you copy "contact" the new page will also be "contact" or "contact2" changing the new pages name to services does not change the pages path so you will want to change that to match.

Any changes or edits made to one will not affect the other, and you do not have to worry in that regard. A great tutorial that will also help in easily moving content is on Tallacmans C5 performance site which is a great resource for how to's, block demonstrations etc, and of course you also have the scrapbook or clipboard depending on what version of c5 you have, and its copy to, and paste from function.

(I used 5.5 so I cant say this works the same in lower versions, but it most likely does)
captainzero replied on at Permalink Reply
Ekko, you made my day! :-) Thank you so much for your detailed and profound answer!

This helps a lot and meanwhile I have tested it myself. It really works the way you described. :-)

This is such a time saver for me, you can't imagine. I was so hacked off doing the same routines over and over again. I couldn't believe that C5 doesn't have a solution for it.

Btw, thanks for the link! I think I can still learn a lot from these beautiful tutorials. :-)
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
The performance C5 site has a lot of great info, tips, hints etc. I am glad everything works for you as it should, and I am sure between that, and the web tips found at performancec5 you will fly through it.