Moving from Localhost to a commercial server

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Hi all,

I have a few questions, but I'll break them up over a few discussions to keep it clean.

I'm new as new can be...

Firstly, I have a static HTML site that I am looking to put in to Concrete5, I have never really used databases or cms before, so it is all new to me.

I'm a little concerned that after I have designed the site up on C5 on my localhost (using WAMP by the way) what happens when I want to migrate it to a commercial hosting provider? What exactly happens to the databases? Are they transferable? Or do you need to the set them up again? Do you need to install C5 again, or do you just drag it all across? Any other pointers would be great too ;)

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JoeHiveCreative replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
moving a site is really easy. And any database is exportable/importable

set up the temp or permanent URL first. then upload the entire contents of your local site, config file and all.

in your local phpMyAdmin, export out the database.

create a new database on your live server and import the database from your local(.sql file), and jot down the database name and password.

now go to the live C5 config file on the live site and change the database info to the new live database.

That should be it. 30min job tops.

The process is the same be it another server or local.

PatrickCassidy replied on at Permalink Reply
Where do I find that particular config file with that database link in it?
PatrickCassidy replied on at Permalink Reply
OK... I found the site.php file and changed the database in that, but for some reason, the site is having a db error.

New Database Added, imported the DB that I had exported from my local via myphpadmin.

My LIVE MyPhpAdmin is showing this info:

Server: Localhost via UNIX socket
Server version: 5.5.24-cll
Protocol version: 10
User: [email protected]
MySQL charset: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

My LIVE site.php is showing this:

define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost');
define('DB_USERNAME', '<--Omitted-->');
define('DB_PASSWORD', '<--Omitted-->');
define('DB_DATABASE', 'auspacjo_Concrete5db2');
define('PASSWORD_SALT', '<--Omitted-->');

I have triple checked my db user name and password - they all match up... is there something I'm missing here?
PatrickCassidy replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, so it was my error, I had created the user but had not added to the database. But now that I have, I encounter this error:

An unexpected error occurred.
mysql error: [1146: Table 'auspacjo_Concrete5db2.Config' doesn't exist] in EXECUTE("select * from Config where uID = 0 order by cfKey asc")

What the heck does this mean?
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
Use could use this method to install it beside your current site, and avoid moving databases.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you have an almost similar thread somewhere that I answered so I'm giving you the same answer here.
First read carefully the information on the link Ekko gave you, it says to upload your files ZIPPED. I have no idea why but I know through experience that it can really save you a lot of trouble.

Then check this tutorial and free add-on concerning mysql case sensitivity in table names. It's well explained.

It might help solve the problem