Moving my Concrete5 Site to Root Folder

Hey everyone.

I'm building a site for a client in C5 and I wanted to be working on it off their current server and make it live once its complete. Therefore I put my C5 installation in a folder in the root titled /concrete.

I'm noticing in my media manager that the files all have that /concrete/ reflected in them and wanted to be sure I wont hurt anything when its time to go live and I go to move all the files from concrete to the root folder.

I'm familiar with changing the .htaccess file to make sure the baseURL reads "/" instead of "/concrete/" but is there anything else I need to be sure I do so nothing breaks with the site?

Wanted to double check :) Thanks in advance.

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fudyartanto replied on at Permalink Reply
I have many time develop concrete under sub folder and make it live in the root domain. And everything is ok. no need advance setup. Just move the file. Just make sure before migrating clear all cache.

Good luck.