Multiple points in google map

We want to b able to show lots of different points on a local google map that shop pop-up balloon with venue information.

Looking at the current google maps, it just shows the single marker, no balloon.

Is this possible or would I need to do this manually?

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
I never used it, but did you check the premium google maps block?

If you don't find anything useful there, you have to build your own block. This is not difficult, just a second table to the existing block and a little interface to enter the data.

I would think about using pages for these balloons. Save the address in a page attribute and echo the page content in the balloon...
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
if you can create a KML file with mutliple points in it the premium google map block will display them all.

you can create these KML files with Google Earth.

This is how we manage the map at
liminal replied on at Permalink Reply
- I have the premium installed but the basic was easier for me to understand!

I'll take a look at the KML files and see how it works out.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
download google earth for free.

make some push pins in that and put em in a group in your bookmarks.

right/ctrl click the bookmark folder and there should be a export option there that spits out a KML file.. couldn't be easier (or cheaper)
nolmscheid replied on at Permalink Reply

We did a nice Google Map for one of our clients. You can select from a drop down and it brings you to that location. You can then enter your address and it prints your directions right within the web page.

Google has some nice stuff!
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
it would be kinda nice if the basic google map could take multiple points at some point, maybe just through a small [add another point +] link... the KML approach is probably a bit too techie for some.
mayp1965 replied on at Permalink Reply
Go to this link for a nice geocoding tool (excel based). the tool creates a kml file that the premium google addin can read.

Next step is to automate all steps btw user input of zipcode to display on the map.