Need to Direct people to a payment gateway after they have registered

Hi All,

a quick question on this, is there a way to submit the details of a registration form then take the registrant to a custom page? I have the pages styled and I can then add an eCommerce add on in, but need to redirect them after they submit a registration form.

So the product example would be details of the registrant sent and then they are taken to a payment window - the owner can check that the payment has been made.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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datasouth replied on at Permalink Reply

Please can you clarify a few points.

Is this a case where a user signs up (concrete5 public registration) and added to a specific group on signup.

The group they're assigned to is locked down to just allow/force acceptance of terms and conditions + require payment before they can proceed?

Once payment is authorised - usergroup is changed again(unlocked) and they are taken to a custom 'payment success' page/area?

Have i understood this correctly?

Kind regards

PortobellaRain replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Rob,

thanks for the reply. Speaking to the client, they have indicated that the registration form just needs a direct debit mandate attached - which I will add via the attributes section of the group's settings.

I have though posted another issue I am having about page editing that you might be able to help me with.

Overriding the setting that stops two people editing the same page at the same time? Sounds nuts, but it makes sense if you need me to explain.

Thanks. Ben.