number of views of video

I have some videos on my site, inserted by block "video". Under each video I need to display the number of views of videofile. Any ideas?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
are they all on 1 page? if so, its kinda hard,
otherwise, you can use page statistics and see how many people viewed the page
concrete5russia replied on at Permalink Reply
that is good idea if there is one autoplayed video per page, but still what about situation when a video is not autoplayed on the page? A visitor may view a page, read text there, but video wont't be viewed. But I need to know how many people watched my video.
Is there any other variant?
jeevanism replied on at Permalink Reply
I am in the same situation. I need to make a video gallery with showing number of views of each video. Can I post each video in individual pages, then collect the view from the page properties and display it on the gallery page?? Sounds a bit complicated to me itself.. any other possible solutions exists?