Odd bug with File manager, cannot see popup menu and cannot search

I'm hoping that someone may have a had a similar problem and know the fix.

On the front end of the site, when accessing the file manager (image block etc.) if I normal-click on a row, there is no popup, so I cant choose a file, etc..

I don't see any errors in my javascript console.

If I firebug inspect the html, I see that there is a change in the code when I click a row, and it looks like the menu should be showing but it still has a visibility:hidden; style on it (see screenshot) and its position isn't updated on click.

ALSO, If I choose a file set to filter on and click search, it only loads the tools response, into the entire page (instead of the containing element as it should). This response is an incomplete html page with no assets etc. so it looks broken.

This seems to happen for ANY block calling the filemanager on the front end. Filemanager works as expected in the dashboard directly.

If I check one of the checkboxes in the filemanager I see the following error in console:

TypeError: this.imgInfos[this.imgNum] is undefined

Of hundreds of sites this is the first time I've seen this bug =/.

Any ideas folks?

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CMSDeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply

Can you provide a url to check?