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Two things:

1) C5 offers the possibility to open links in a lightbox (when creating a link from a Text block). INTERT LINK > OPEN IN LIGHTBOX > (Type) WEB PAGE > SET SIZE (see attachment)

However no matter what size you specify, the light box will always open in a default medium small size. This looks like an error. Can this be fixed?

2) Also; I would like the lightbox size to be in % instead of pixels. Is this also possible?


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
What version of C5 are you using? I just tried this with my install of and the dimensions of the lightbox show up correctly.

I think changing this to % is going to be a big chore because it's part of redactor.
ZillionProductions replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Hitman, thanks! It Core Version -

Here's how the code reads in edit mode:

<p><a href="" class="button button-primary button-flat button-small" data-concrete5-link-lightbox="iframe" data-concrete5-link-lightbox-width="800" data-concrete5-link-lightbox-height="1000">Read more...</a>

I Also attached a screenshot of the dialog. However the lightbox continues to show up the same default size no matter the with or height I enter.

Thanks for your help.
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you provide a link to the page where this is happening? It could be a CSS issue that is causing the modal to not expand for you. I added that code to my site and it worked fine, the height wasn't as tall as what was set there but that's because my browser window isn't that tall and the webpage I entered isn't either.
ZillionProductions replied on at Permalink Reply
Sure, I can send you a PM!