Override login-page with theme

Hi Folks,

anybody successfully override the login-page with a theme-page?
I tried it with no luck..


return array(
   'theme_paths' => array(
      '/login' => 'mytheme'

and a new login-php in /packages/mytheme/themes/mytheme/


the stuff in header_required seems to break.

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Justin1978 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, worked for me. But I have login.php in the theme folder which is located under /application/themes/mytheme. You seem to have it in a package. I'm not sure that's (still) possible with 5.7.
TMDesigns replied on at Permalink Reply

did you get this working? Used to be easy in 5.6 but can't find any documentation about this.

I wanted to do this also and am using a theme by concrete5 "newsprint".
sk01 replied on at Permalink Reply
no, sorry.

the documentation of 5.7 is pure crap! just some PR-blabla..
and i have no time to dig through the core to find out where the problem is...