[SOLVED] Overriding Package CSS file

I am trying to create a custom view of a package and have taken the package view.php and CSS file and placed it in the appropriate new folder within the Applications folder. The changes to the view.php file work as expected, but I cannot get the CSS file I have created to override the one that came with the package.

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
This may be a long shot (or egg-sucking), but try to clear all caches from your browser to c5 and all points between.
dclmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks @Gondwana, I have already tried that...
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
But is the view.css in the override loading or not?

The way things work is the view.php in the override will be loaded instead of the original one but the view.css will be loaded alongside the original.

So if you can confirm the override view.css is loaded, then it's just a matter of making sure your CSS takes precedence by using classes and IDs.
dclmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
I found where things were going wrong. I was removing some of the elements that I wanted to change and the CSS file of the package was reinstating the removed elements...