Package, controller, addHeaderItem and caching…

Hi folks,
I have a problem with a package I have developed for a custom block and I need your smart lights on that…

Step 1:
I had a problem with my controller and addHeaderItem() function. The javascript files were not loaded in the same order as the one defined in the block controller -> it created an error since some .js were dependencies of other ones.

Step 2:
The workaround: I removed the loading of the dependencies of the controller and put them directly in the view.php -> but since that, they were loaded twice: one time in the head of my page (it didn't take in account I have removed them from the controller) and one time in the body (the ones loaded in the view).

Step 3:
I have disabled all the caches, removed the files from the cache folder, cleared the cache, moved the site to an another hosting server (to be sure it isn't a server side caching) but it's driving me nuts… If I remove all the stuff from the on_page_view() controller function, it does nothing… except loading the javascript… very weird.

My Code:
public function on_page_view() {
    $html = Loader::helper('html');            
    $bv = new BlockView();
    $this->addHeaderItem($html->javascript($bv->getBlockURL() . '/js/day_price.js'));
    $this->addHeaderItem($html->javascript($bv->getBlockURL() . '/js/excanvas.min.js'));
    $this->addHeaderItem($html->javascript($bv->getBlockURL() . '/js/jquery.jqplot.min.js'));
    //$this->addHeaderItem($html->javascript($bv->getBlockURL() . '/js/jqplot.highlighter.min.js'));
    //$this->addHeaderItem($html->javascript($bv->getBlockURL() . '/js/jqplot.dateAxisRenderer.min.js'));

The frontend result:
<script type="text/javascript" src="/metalcolor/packages/day_price/blocks/day_price/js/day_price_edit.js?v=84eb75194e91066ed8a4e682c0340868"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/metalcolor/packages/day_price/blocks/day_price/js/day_price.js?v=84eb75194e91066ed8a4e682c0340868"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/metalcolor/packages/day_price/blocks/day_price/js/excanvas.min.js?v=84eb75194e91066ed8a4e682c0340868"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/metalcolor/packages/day_price/blocks/day_price/js/jqplot.dateAxisRenderer.min.js?v=84eb75194e91066ed8a4e682c0340868"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/metalcolor/packages/day_price/blocks/day_price/js/jqplot.highlighter.min.js?v=84eb75194e91066ed8a4e682c0340868"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/metalcolor/packages/day_price/blocks/day_price/js/jquery.jqplot.min.js?v=84eb75194e91066ed8a4e682c0340868"></script>

Any help would be greatly appreciated… Thank you in advance

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goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply
About your first question :

If you want you scripts to be loaded *after* something, you can use the addFooterItem (same syntax, but append the item at the end of the head tag).
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
C5 will automatically load files in the block's /js folder, but in the order it finds them. So what it finds in the block's js folder is taking precedence over your own calls to addHeaderItem().

a) Combine them all into one file in the right order, and put that in the block's js folder. Remove all the addHeaderItem()calls.

b) Move all the script files into a folder that is not automatically loaded such as the package's /js folder, then change your addheaderItem() to load from there.

For most (if not all) of these, you can probably use addFooterItem() to improve page rendering.
marcsublet replied on at Permalink Reply
C5 forum members rock!

I have renamed the js in block_js and all my problems were gone with solution b)!
I will not use solution a) since I use plugins to draw graphics and I want to keep original files for a clear version tracking.
I have also change the addHeaderItems in addFooterItems to improve rendering.

Best reagards,