Package for an ElasticSearch backend

Hi guys,

I've used concrete5 on and off now for a couple of years.

I'm now thinking of wiring a package to be shared on the marketplace.

I am a big fan of ElasticSearch and have used it for a number of (non-C5) projects in the past. I want to make it straightforward to C5 users to use ElasticSearch as the search technology underpinning their C5 site.

My plan would be to allow administrators to choose the different data types to be stored/retrieved in ES (pages, users, file metadata etc) through an interface, then, by leveraging C5's override system, use the existing UIs for setting up page lists, user lists, file lists etc to configure the query being sent to ElasticSearch. In a nutshell, I plan to replace the MySQL data layer with an ElasticSearch data layer in certain scenarios.

Some preliminary investigation into the 5.7 beta code has shown me that the Codebase has matured quite a lot since I last used C5 (well done guys, great effort!). I'm certainly committed to moving forward with my ElasticSearch package now.

I'm writing this post to tell you about my plans, hopefully spark some useful, productive conversation on the topic and also in the hope that some of you out there may like to get involved with this little project.

Please, leave a reply if this pricks your interest!

Thanks for readin'!

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oakhill replied on at Permalink Reply
I will be VERY happy if you develop this add-on. The search that comes with the current version finds exact match only, which isn't workable for a site with any amount of content. I had to go with Google Site Search, but will be first in line when your add-on is available. This will be a huge benefit to many.
codecloud replied on at Permalink Reply
Great, it's always good to know that there are people out there who will find this add-on useful! It makes it all more worthwhile doing, doesn't it?

I took the same approach as you on my C5 site - using Google Custom Search.

I'd much rather have had something like Elasticsearch to power the backend though. Sure it is a fantastic textual search engine, but there is so much more it too!