Page Drafts feed disappeared from right sidebar

Well this is interesting.
We have a client with a Concrete5.8.1.0 site, and for all users, if they make a new page, they can perfectly see the Page Drafts section appear in the right sidebar.
But for one user this has disappeared.
We think this may have something to do with permissions, but not sure which.

The odd thing is that this 1 user *does* still have acces through all Drafts, in the Sitemap (via "Include System Pages in Sitemap" in Dashboard) but this is too complicated for the client.

So we wonder: where does the Page Drafts section come from...? How could it have disappeared? How can we get it back?

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piipolnl replied on at Permalink Reply
Just in case anyone has the same problem:
We found the odd solution to get the Page Drafts back in de sidebar:
let this particular user create 1 draft page themselves (so no saving or publishing) and voila: the block suddenly appears again, and might even show pages they can't even edit (but that's another story).