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Hey all,

So I'm re-designing my website, and decided to update C5 from to 8.1.0 (fresh, clean install).

On my old site, I was using the 'Thumbview Template' add-on (, but now it won't install in 8.1.0 (error message: 'Unknown Package v.0.0 Broken package (handle thumbview_template)')

As I'm going with a Masonry-style design for my page links, I'd like to be able to use image thumbnails. How do I make this happen in 8.1.0, or is there a way to make Thumbview Template work for this C5 version?


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Steevb replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Won't work because of versions. 6 & 8 are miles apart?

You could look at:
shahroq replied on at Permalink Reply
You can also check my "Grid Gallery 2" add-on that enables you to make masonry grids base on page list:
Continuity13 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, gents, I'll have a look!