Page list with alphabetical paging

Hi all,

I have a big list of products (1047) using Community Store. The product list uses the basic pagelist functionality so my question direclty relates to the pagelist block as well.

I am breakup the 1047 products alphabetically with a letter paginator to flick through the groups but I seem to be getting nowhere.

I have resorted to using jquery datatables however now I'm getting all sorts of errors due to the amount of products in there, which leads me back to using the PHP pagination option.

Does anyone have any advice for getting this running?

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mobius2000 replied on at Permalink Reply
I've worked out that my issue is actually to with the amount images I am loading using the memory hogging getThumbnail method which is resizing and cropping all 1047 images each time the page loads.

I'm going to create a new post with my next question for fixing this regarding using the more appropriate dashboard>thumbnails generation method.