Page Type Defaults | Setup On Child Pages | 5.6 vs v8

in 5.6 we had an option on page type defaults pages to setup on child pages or not. A block could be left on the defaults page not set up. It could be set up and then un-set up again and not show on each page of that type on the site.

The ability to do this also allowed users to simply re-arrange the blocks in an area on a defaults page if need be, and then follow up by going down the area of blocks one by one and un-setting up & resetting up each one, leaving them in the proper order on each page of that type in the site.

In version 8 it's as if we are left with setting it up once, and getting rid of a block means deleting it outright from the page type defaults page. Adding blocks in between others etc seems a bit counter intuitive vs the old functionality. One would expect in v8 to set up a few blocks and then be able to drag/drop arrange them in the order we want them to display on the site but they still only display n the order you set them up.

It may have never been part of the thought process in 5.6, and just a tweak myself and probably many others discovered, but it sure streamlined the process of page type default modifications etc, being able to "unset" a block...

Is his functionality lost in v8 ?? Maybe I'm missing something ?? Coming back in v9 ???

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