Page urls in 5.7 vs 5.4

I am rebuilding a highly (seo) ranked 300+ page website in 5.7, migrating the content from a 5.4.2 site. I do not want to have to use redirects or adversely affect seo in any way. Can the same page url structure be maintained in the new 5.7 site? And a great deal of the images used in the site are indexed by Google images. Can their paths be preserved in the new 5.7 site?
Thanks, John

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OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John,

That is a good question I wish I could answer, because you obviously are an example of how this could be very important. While I don't think there is "a way" built in or an add-on, I suspect there are some that could help with some custom work, if you have a sufficient budget (no idea what sufficient would be in this case). I also know of a developer who some time ago mentioned working on an add-on that I believe would do some of this, but I don't know what became of those plans (and I don't know if image paths were considered or not). I could ask.

Certainly if you have a budget, mentioning it here might help to get attention from potential sources of help. I hope you don't mind me suggestion this.

mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John,

You should really have a look at the video concerning the new Migration tool for Concrete5.
You can find it here:

Really watch the whole thing and you'll understand how page paths and images, or files in general, are not a problem.

In your case, however, you will first need to update your site to a 5.6.x version before you can use the migration tool.
slojes replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks. I may have misrepresented what we are doing. We are re-building the site from scratch in 5.7, not migrating from 4.2.