password reset notification email refers to username not email address

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When a user resets a password, the user receives an email which refers to the user's username. This can be confusing if your site is set up to log in users by the email address. For example, the email received looks like this:

Dear testuser,

You have requested a new password for the site MYSITE

Your username is: testuser

You may change your password at the following address:

Thanks for browsing the site!

Where is the text for the content of this password reset email stored? I'd like to be able to modify it so that it refers to the email address of the user, and not his/her username to avoid confusion.

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
I think thats a bug, can you please add it here:
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
This was added as a bug and 20 people marked it down. That is frustrating because it is a real issue if someone has their site set to use an email address for login rather than a username.

What is up with that?
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
So I am rough with coding but I did manage to work up something that suffices and wanted to share it. Perhaps someone will come along and make a much cleaner change.

I copied the contents of concrete/mail/forgot_password.php to root/mail/forgot_password.php and edit it as such:

defined('C5_EXECUTE') or die("Access Denied.");
$subject = t("Forgot Password");
$body = t("
%s %s requested a new password for the site %s 
You may change your password at the following address:
Once you change your password, you will be logged in with your new password.  
", You , have , SITE , $changePassURL);
mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I just had a check myself with and when I've set it to use the email address as the login, the password reset email shows: 'Your username is: [email protected]'

I hadn't overridden any email templates or related code. Concrete5 definitely has this ability, it shouldn't require any changes or overrides.

The dashboard page for this setting is here: /index.php/dashboard/system/registration/public_registration/
(it's the last checkbox)

Ticking that box should change both the login screen and the password reset emails. (the registration form on the other hand is a bit annoying and needs to be manually overridden to completely get rid of usernames).

Are you sure you haven't mixed up systems?

I think you're bug has been rejected in the bug tracker because it's specific to your setup. Also, in your bug report you didn't paste in your concrete5 environment information. In the dashboard there is a special 'Environment Information' page, that spits out the finer details of your concrete5 setup, versions, overrides, that kind of thing. That's what needs to be pasted into a bug report so people can spot what might the issue.

So it's not to say you haven't found a bug as such, it's just that 20 people have turned your bug report down because they simply can't replicate it.

Perhaps post that environment information here, or a bit more detail, a few screenshots, etc.
uswebdesigner replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for your feedback. As it turns out, you hit it on the head. I have version and in version 5.6.1 the following was added:

- When logging in via email, the email address is now correctly sent in the forgot password template.

I just need to update my C5 version.

Thanks for taking the time to point that out.
lawlerfa replied on at Permalink Reply
Hooray! Glad to see the bug was fixed in the 5.6.1 release. Thanks, folks.