Password reset(not seeing the logs)


I'm trying to login my default admin account (Concrete5.7), but forgot my password. I've tried the password reset function, but it doesn't send an email.

I've checked the address in the database for the account, which is correct. Then I checked in the Logs table if there was a log of the reset email being sent so I could find the link, but there's no log of the email. Are the emails stored somewhere differently since 5.7?

I also tried adding a new user(in the database to Users), to test if it had something to do with my address (tried a different one) but that email doesn't show up in the logs as well.

Is there a way I can retrieve the password from the Upassword field in the Users table? Or is it encrypted in a way I can't get to it?

I searched the forums and saw a solution I didn't fully understand and try yet.
And this snippet specifically:
* This script will reset your admin password to "password"
* It should be named site_post.php and placed at [your web root]/config/site_post.php
* After it's been copied, load your website, and your admin password will be reset
* Enjoy. [email protected]
$ui = UserInfo::getByID(USER_SUPER_ID);
echo "Your admin password was updated. Remove the file located at config/site_post.php and log in with the following credentials:<br />";
echo "Email Address: " . $ui->getUserEmail();
} else {
echo "Username: " . $ui->getUserName();

Site.php does not exist in 5.7 but now I think it's in the application directory and config/app.php. but it's pretty much empty, I will try and paste the snippet there and report back.

I hope it works, or you guys have another way, otherwise it'll be reinstalling concrete...

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hutman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
What version of 5.7 are you using? I have an install of and when I do the Password Reset link on the Login page I can see the email in the Logs table in the database.

If that doesn't happen for you, you could checkout this post as well, it's for 5.7:
bolle46 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the reply!
I'm using . But somehow the emails are not logged.
And thanks for the link, I'll try the php script.
bolle46 replied on at Permalink Reply
The method in the link worked! I still don't understand why the password recovery emails aren't logged and sent, although as far as I know I haven't done anything to setup email on my server so maybe there's the issue.
hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
If you login to the Dashboard and go to System & Settings and then Logging Settings (toward the bottom), is your "Log Emails Sent" checked? If not that's probably why the emails were not being logged.
bolle46 replied on at Permalink Reply
It's checked, I haven't touched any of the settings, It is logging other events, so somewhere in the forgot password script there's probably an error(probably because I've altered something). I'll try and debug it, but it's gonna take a while as I haven't got a clue where to start.