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One of my C5 customers has about 50 pdf files they want to post as download links. If I use Content block (because they want an image link), the html generates like this:

<p><a title="web_handout_1_Fleetwood.pdf" href="/download_file/view/629/"><img src="/download_file/view_inline/631/" alt="web-handout-1-Fleetwood.jpg" width="125" height="163" /></a></p>

Which results in a "Page Not Found".

If I use info from the file manager, and edit the html to look like this:

<p><a title="web_handout_1_Fleetwood.pdf" href="{CCM:BASE_URL}/files/3013/4919/9535/web_handout_1_Fleetwood.pdf"><img src="/download_file/view_inline/631/" alt="web-handout-1-Fleetwood.jpg" width="125" height="163" /></a></p>

All is well - except for the fact that my customer is not eager to learn how to do this, and since the files will change over time, I want them to be able to add/edit themselves.

Does anyone have a suggestion? - thanks so much in advance.

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
In the content block add an image, now click on that image so its "active" now at the top of editor look for "add file" its at the very top, outside of the normal buttons right at the top and than select your pdf. Save publish,
dgro108 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Ekko, but tht is exactly what I did initially, and ended up with the "Page Not Found" error message.
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
Go to file manager, click on your pdf and click properties. Grab the url to the pdf on the "URL to File" line.

Go to your page and use content block to add an image, click on that image while still in content block. Add a link with the link icon and place your pdfs url as the link.

Save, publish.

Paste this into your browser for a video going over each step

chris123uk replied on at Permalink Reply
Very good help here! love c5!
sully210 replied on at Permalink Reply
OK, I can add an image in the content block but I cannot link it to the dowload URL for the PDF I want to download. I can link it to the PDF URL and have it open in a new page but I want the download to simply start immediately when the image is clicked. Any ideas?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
A little bit of Magic Data: