PHP upgrade (5.2 > 5.4) compatibility for Bluehost

Hi there! I'm NOT technically savvy, so thank you in advance for your replies and patience with my layperson terminology!

I have a C5 site hosted by and apparently it's not compatible with PHP 5.4. Bluehost updated everything this morning to 5.4 and my site went crazy. I was able to downgrade it back to 5.2 to salvage it for the meantime, but apparently everything will be permanently updated to 5.4 shortly.

Is there a version of C5 that's compatible with PHP 5.4 to ensure things don't go haywire?

Not sure as to the Bluehost/C5 relationship, but I would love to keep using C5 and would prefer not to totally rebuild my site!

Thank you!!!


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SheldonB replied on at Permalink Reply
im guessing your getting the strict standards error

you just need to edit the php.ini file
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
My understanding of this is that the more recent versions of concrete5 (5.6.x and I think 5.5.x) are compatible with PHP5.4, but it's the older 5.4.x versions of concrete5 that are too old for PHP5.4.

So if you leave the concrete5 site alone and just suppress the errors, you might find that some features in concrete5 may still break or throw different errors.

It's perhaps better to back things up and try to upgrade your concrete5 site up to the latest version, and set the server to PHP5.4.