I've just been having a play with phpStorm ( and whilst it looks fantastic, does anyone else use it for C5 development ?

Everything is working really well apart from all of the errors it claims there are in the code. I know that it's just spotting things it can't resolve but I don't like my IDE crying wolf.

Does anyone else here use it, and if so, what settings have you changed to make it live harmoniously with C5 ?


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TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
I have been using PHP Storm for a almost a year now and love it, its now my goto Editor. I have got rid of Dreamweaver completely.

I will edit content in a text editor now and then but for any real editing I use PHP Storm.

I have added a few extra shortcut keys to improve my workflow, mainly small things like wrap a block with php comments and upload files.

Apart from that it just tends to work I don't get any errors using c5(I am using version 6) Sometimes I find working in a themes directory the linking it does to auto complete the image directory is thrown off. I would like to be able to tell it to use paths relative to that folder when inside the themes folder.

Other then that I don't really have much stuff set that is not default. The Classes and helpers tend to link to the relevant file and is the is any ambiguity it offers a choice of the file that it could be using.

Only other thing I have changed it the theme, I like the new dark theme (sort of matches Sublime Text, Called Darcula)

Ill try to keep an eye on any bits I change(its possible I have changed a few other bits and can not remember) and let you know if it makes any major difference

- Sean