Please run 05featuredemo.php first.

hello everyone,

I am facing a message on the home page after deployment to Plesk. the message is "Please run 05featuredemo.php first." if I search the message in my project.
I can find the relevant code in the following file
"packages\mediathek\src\Entity\lib\Examples\07readerPCLZip.php" but I do not understand about that.

please check the screenshot I have attached.

if (!file_exists("05featuredemo.xlsx")) {
   exit("Please run 05featuredemo.php first." . EOL);

The same code is working on localhost, please give me suggestion if anyone knows about that.

Abdul Qayyum

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply

You have a package called mediathek which is looking for a file named 05featuredemo.xlsx. It is showing you that message because it can't find that file and asking you to run the file 05featuredemo.php first.

Do you know what that mediathek package is? If you do and this seems normal to you then you should run the file. Otherwise, you might want to uninstall that package.