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Hey Guys,
So the website I am trying to construct is essentially meant to be a column site where myself and my partners post articles/columns daily. It's not a blog, its slightly more formal than that. My question is, what is the best way to make a page that can easily have articles pasted into it on a daily basis? The content block does not seem to work so I need an alternative. Would I have to find somebody to code a block for me?

Thanks for the help! :)

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
This sounds like it can be quite easily achieved with a Page List block and a page type.

First of all you need to have set up a page type for your 'entries'. This is so you can indicate what pages of your site are the entries you would want to have in a list, and so you can add additional attributes to them.
The default theme for C5 has a blog_entry page type, which is a good starting point. You might want to create a new page type based on that and edit it to your liking.

Then create a page to display the entries in a list. Add to this a Page List block, configuring it to display the pages of type 'Blog Entry' (or 'post' or whatever), set it up for pagination and the order with the most recent first.

Underneath this page, you would then create pages of the page type 'blog entry'. They'll appear on the page list block you've added.

Then you would want to apply a Custom Template to the page list block so it displays not only the page titles, but a summary piece of text and other details. Click on the page list block and you'll see 'Custom Templates'. Built in, there is a custom template 'Blog Index' that is designed to work with the blog entry page type (if you create your own page type, you'll probably need to create your own custom template too).

The last step, which is optional but makes things really slick, is that you can set up your page type to work in the Composer. Then to add 'entries', you just log in, go to the composer and fill out your entry, with it putting the page in the right spot, with the right settings.

As an example, I set something like this up for client here:

HappyGilmoreRMG replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for the rather thorough response! I'm still trying to figure out concrete5 so it may take a while to figure all that out but I'm sure I can manage!

It's great the community is so helpful here