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Any ideas?

Full screen, different layouts on different pages

Published in issues



Doable in C5?

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Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh Yes!
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
I would work from this theme as it already has all the features you need for an online magazine.

Full screen is not typically the best display for this type of site as centered text that doesnt force a user to scan left to right to take in the full content of a page is preferable and is much easier to read and stay interested in (personal opinion)

Issues in the online magazine world are not very common and updating your articles and info pieces as they come in will give visitors something to read "now" as opposed to making them wait until an issue release and risking losing their interest in what your magazine offers. New articles daily or weekly is the norm.

Responsive can be difficult to work with and it really depends on how complex your site will be and how much time you have available theres pros and cons to responsive, but the theme linked should solve all your screen needs

Very doable in C5 and in my opinion your only real option as managabilty is the big issue in this types of sites. You need an easy to edit and easy to create platform and in my opinion C5 is lightyears ahead of everything else and was built with this concept in mind.
tonyswaby replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not sure?

It should be issue based as traditional mags, that's the whole point or it's just another website/blog.

Full screen - definitely. It's how tradition mags are viewed and understood. Obviously we would layout it properly.

Responsive, gotta be.

Still looking at other options.

Think it's gonna have to be stand alone. It's like every issue is a separate site.

If there was a way to make the pages part of a current build?

I think it'll be separate issues built as standalone units using C5 to point to the various issues and offer signup.

Looked at "pugpig" and others, but they're expensive and if you want designers to produce it you've gotta leave out the code.

BTW: The theme just looks like a website. I want to produce a magazine. Designed, nice typography, varied layouts, full screen. But with media and interactive elements.
PauloCarvalhoDesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Here take a look at this: