Publishing C5 site?


I made a C5 version of my site in a subdirectory --

So everything is in this c5 folder. I would now like to move it up, so that when is accessed, it goes to c5's index.php

What is the proper procedure for doing this? Do I need to copy/paste everything out of this folder? to the main? Do I need to change settings somewhere? Anything that will probably mess up?

Any input appreciated! Thank you.


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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
Just move everything in the /c5 directory to your root. Then modify the config/site.php line 7 from:

define('DIR_REL', '/c5');


define('DIR_REL', '');

ThemeGuru replied on at Permalink Reply
Make sure you first do a backup. It's always a good idea. The last thing you want is to loose all your hard work.
sogren replied on at Permalink Reply
I've looked at the concrete/config/site.php file and it's different in 5.8 than it was in 5.6. How do I do this in 5.8?
tommyh replied on at Permalink Reply
Did you ever figure out how to move the c5 site from sub directory to root in version 8?
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Should just work by drag/drop. You don't need to define anything. If you have canonicals set though, make sure to change those though ( They will go into /application/config/concrete.php

In case you have pretty URL's enabled and a .htaccess in your root, look for RewriteBase /. You should change the slash (/) into the directory you are placing it into. If it's, you should make it RewriteBase /my_folder/. Or if it's, make it RewriteBase /my_folder/another/
tommyh replied on at Permalink Reply
I was just able to clear the cache within applications/files/cache and that solved my issue.

Thanks for the reply!
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
In addition to changing the config/site.php file as tallacman suggests, you also want to edit the .htaccess file (if one exists) at the top-level of your concrete5 site, and if you see "RewriteBase" in it, whatever it says change it to this:
RewriteBase /

Also, after you've moved it, log in and do these things:
1) Dashboard -> Sitewide Settings: Click the "Clear Cache" button
2) Dashboard -> Sitewide Settings -> Debug: Set Debug Level to "Production", click "Set Debug Level" button.
3) Dashboard -> System & Maintenance: click the "Run Checked" button in top-right corner.
andreyman3d2k replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you! Followed all your instructions, and everything worked excellently -- much appreciated.

pyrotechnomimus replied on at Permalink Reply
I attempted to do this exact thing under Concrete5 version and the website functions, except I get no ability to continue to edit (the concrete5 sign in option and such is missing from the bottom of the page) as well as none of the pictures working. So I simply cannot do the delete cache option.

In my config folder site.php exists but there's no options to change the directory inside of it. Please advise.
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
Try going directly to the 'Clear Cache' page of the dashboard by putting this in your address bar:

That should ask you to log in and then send you directly to the 'Clear Cache' page so you can clear your cache. I would also suggest going to the dashboard immediately and turning Pretty URL's off and back on again to get that to reflect the new structure.

Also, version 5.6 doesn't need the DIR_REL values in config.php so you're fine without those lines.
wildfirelondon replied on at Permalink Reply
One other little thing to bear in mind. Addons such Dynamic iFrame require a complete url in order to work. Clearly if you are using them moving up the tree will break those so make a note, you will have to manually edit them.