Registration Form - for users to sign up


Sorry if this is a common question, i did a search, and found nothing that could help me.
What i want is a form, for people to use if they want to sign up my website.
Im not sure how to configure the "submit" button, to send them an email, with a link to confirm.

Would it require a PHP file? or is there a simple way built into Concrete5


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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
go to dashboard->users and groups->login & registration
block on the right.
Gobble45 replied on at Permalink Reply
THis enables people to register, how do i make a form that allows people to register themselves?
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
When registration is enabled the form is there by default when clicking on the register link (no need to build the form yourself).
Gobble45 replied on at Permalink Reply
Where exactly is this form? i cant see it? lol, do i have to link a page to it? or is it somewhere blatantly obvious, and ive just missed it :/
shwaydogg replied on at Permalink Reply
*On Version go to 'System & Settings'->'Public Registration' to enable folks to register. (not dashboard->users and groups->login and registration)

*The link to this registration page is at .../index.php/login
and takes you to .../index.php/register/. Because these seem to be registrations for backend content managers NOT front end users. (someone please correct me if I am wrong) This is where the confusion comes from.