Restricting block types in an Area. Has this changed?

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Can you still restrict which block types a user can add in a specific area? eg.

How can I do this now; I don't get the per user settings for blocks in an area.

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mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
This must be put in the theme file itself where the editable area is defined.

Open you page type file (e.g. left_sidebar.php) and find the area you want to limit and add the setBlockLimit() line like this:

$a = new Area('Whatever');
snobo replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes you can.

In page type defaults, click "Add to <name of your block>", then Add Block to Area (where you choose INCLUDE/EXCLUDED user groups), and then choose Details tab (which can be easily overlooked). There, under the bold heading "Who can add what?" you will have a drop-down per each user group who is allowed to Add Blocks. Select "Custom" and here you go, you will have the list of all block types with checkboxes!
mhawke replied on at Permalink Reply
My original answer did not answer the question that was asked. I'll expand on snobo's answer because there's a simpler way.

You must have Advanced Permissions enabled in the Dashboard.

Then do the following:

1) Put a page in Edit mode
2) Click on 'Add to Main' (or whatever area you want to restrict)
3) Then choose 'Set Permissions'.
4) Click 'Add Blocks to Area' (You might need to 'Override permissons' at the top).
5) Click the 'Details' tab.
6) Choose 'Custom' beside the user/group you are interested in restricting.
7) Put a tick in the boxes of the blocks the user/group are allowed to add.