Safely Update from 8.2.1 to latest version?

I searched but couldn't find a direst answer. I have a site that needs updating. It's at 8.2.1

Looks like a manual update is required.

Should I update to the latest version or take an interim step(s)? The site uses Express quite heavily and I'd hate to cause error with it.


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ConcreteOwl replied on at Permalink Reply
My advice would be, don't do this on a live server.
Instead, download a zipped up copy of the file system and export your database to your PC.
Install a local server on your PC and recreate your site on the local server using your downloaded files and database.
For a windows 10 PC try WAMP. For a MAC PC try MAMP.
There are several other local server flavours available a Google search will throw up plenty of options.