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Hi site5, thanks for taking some time to help me out. I have a search block at the top of my page. When I type a search it puts the results in that block. That isn't a good place for the results. I need my results to appear in the Main DIV on the site. But how do you tell it to put results in another block?

I've noticed when i edit the block it asks for a search results page, I want it to use the page it's on, just stick the results in another block. But even if it needs another page, I still want it in the center column of the site, not at the top of the screen.

Thanks for any info on this!

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cannonf700 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
When you add the block choose the page the search bar is on for the search results. You will then have to add another search block to the main area of the page. The search results will appear under that second search block.
107studio replied on at Permalink Reply
That was it! Thanks