Sectionwide areas, building pagelists and problems adding new page templates

Hi all,

Currently developing a 110-page multisite for a Danish political party and have a few questions that I was wondering if you could help me out with:

Firstly, I want to generate a pagelist like this:

- Bloguniverse (custom page type)
        - *Page in pagelist 1
        - *Page in pagelist 2
        - Blog (Simply Blog page type)
                - Blog entry 1 with sidebar of two pagelists that display: Pages with * & Latest 3 blog entries
                - Blog entry 2 with same sidebar

And I want it to happen without needing an editor to mess with the pagelists. For this to work, I need to develop one (or two) custom templates, right? That are hardcoded to traverse up the tree (find parents' parent) and find all children or something like that. Am I on the right track?

Also, to make this more efficient (both resource & UX-wise), shouldn't I implement them as section-wide pages, as described here: There are other places where section-wide areas make sense. Or maybe global areas if I make more page types/templates - so instead of a page type called "person" I'd have one for each "person type" (Senator, Rep, etc.) with same layout, but a global area as a sidebar. I assume I just have to pick a solution and stay with it, but off-hand I see more benefits of implementing section-wide areas. Do you agree?

On that note, I'm having difficulties adding a new page template in 5.7 - I make a page_template_name.php file in Elemental, but it doesn't show up under Elementals "Page Templates" under "Themes". It works flawlessly on my 5.8 beta though, so I don't know if there's a different thing I should be doing it in 5.7, it seems like a trivial thing, but I get no error message, and I seem to be doing everything right, so I'm stumped. Any ideas?

Thank you all in advance!

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Parasek replied on at Permalink Reply
1. Not 100% sure what do you want to do exactly, but yes, if built-in pagelist block is not enough for your requirements - easiest way is to hardcode pagelist/-s in your template file.

2. Both solutions are good. Which is better depends, what do you want to put in that global/section-wide area.

If you have to create pages for multiple senators/reps and every senator/rep has different content I would go for those "secion-wide areas" (for example: every senator has it's own portrait photo on his personal pages)

Global areas would be ok, if there was only one senator/one rep etc. or every senator/rep has the same content in global area (for example: logo of party/recent site-wide news etc.).

For those examples I assumed every senator's page would have child pages like "Gallery", "About" or similar.

3. Are you trying to modify core elemental theme or one from marketplace?
nsturis replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much for your great response. I really appreciate it.

1. Perfect, just wanted to make sure I was on the right track. I've modified my description of it, I know it wasn't that great, but I think I know how to accomplish what I want to now, so thanks!

2. Yes, I think section-wide areas might be good. I'm in doubt about one thing though - so say I want the same section-wide sidebar for 10 "senators", with the same lists - except a CSS .class change that highlights current page. I assume since the section-wide sidebar runs the same view.php-file, the "current" page changes as well. Instead of asking you, I should try that out. I'm gonna go do that.

3. Yes, core Elemental theme - just for now, to test it out, while we're working on a c5-theme from scratch. HTML/CSS/JS is almost finished and we're converting it to a custom theme next week. When I modify 5.8 core Elemental theme, it shows up in 'Page Templates' instantly.

Thanks again!
Parasek replied on at Permalink Reply
2. If you want to add class for current page on right sidebar - you can just compare sidebar page it to current page.

foreach ($sidebarPages as $sidebarPage) {
   if ($sidebarPage->getCollectionID()==$c->getCollectionID()) {
      echo 'class="active"';

3. I have never used concrete5 core theme, because I made my own basic/reusable theme. But I think I read somewhere on forums, that core template have some quirks/problems (like you need to create another template file in core folder (which of course is bad idea). But don't trust me on that for 100%.
nsturis replied on at Permalink Reply
2. Yeah that was what I had in mind.

3. I tried making a basic theme and that fixed things, so you were right about it being a stock theme problem - thanks!