select option always add break line tag

why when i insert select option in user attribut, it always include break line tag <br>, and without end slash. :)

value result i see via viewsource firefox
<option value="Yes&lt;br&rt;">Yes<br><option>
<option value="No&lt;br&rt;">No<br><option>

can i clean this br tag?

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itrio replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you sure it is a bug? It looks like the <br> comes from the value you set yourself.

<option value="Yes&lt;br&rt;">Yes<br><option>
<option value="No&lt;br&rt;">No<br><option>

Look at the value, the "&lt;br&rt;" means "<br>".
fastcrash replied on at Permalink Reply
thanks for reply paalgg, i added option list from user atrribut, and never change core. and i 'm sure i m not added <br> tag or hit enter for new line in input value.

the <br> tags, comes from the core getDisplayValue() funtion.

i think this the model where used in dasboard user attribut.

paalgg, you can try adding user attribut with select option and see the result via 'view source' in profile view.

fastcrash replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
i think this is concrete style