Setting date format in DateTime Helper widget

does anybody know how set the date format in this widget
I tried with
define('DATE_APP_GENERIC_MDY', 'j/n/Y');
in site.php but doesen't work moreover freeze my site. In other words I wish this web calendar will show '20/11/2020' instead of '2020-11-20' even if the second is ready to be stored in a DB date field

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jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm not sure why that isn't working, but perhaps the "translate" function in the concrete/helpers/form/date_time.php file will help in this situation?
Unfortunately I'm not sure *how* exactly to use it (I've never used this helper widget before).
SVijay replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi iddue,

I am not sure about your issue, but the below given link may help you

Go through the Date Time section

Good luck !!!
iddue replied on at Permalink Reply
Translate method seem does 't work... poor docs .... the JQuery web calendar is so nice, more than three drop down list box with day, month, year but without some example is not pratical. I think the best way is use the LOCALE var in the site.xml