Composer doesn't work with my theme

I'm trying to create my first blog. When I add new article or page in Elemental theme, I see this in composer:
But when I'm doing same in my theme, I see this:
Same thing in SEO or Atributes - just blank content in the middle.
Something's not right in my theme, can someone take a look (attachment)?

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi MaestroMagnifico,

For more information about basic topic use, I recommend reading this tutorial:
How To - Using topics and the topic list block in concrete5 5.7
MaestroMagnifico replied on at Permalink Reply
Thx for link, but after digging a bit I figured out that it's my theme fault that I can't edit basic properties of page in composer. I don't even need article that I posted before. I changed first post of this topic but a bit late.
MaestroMagnifico replied on at Permalink Reply
Got it! I had to add classes in my wrapper to make composer work:
<div id="wrapper" class="<?php echo $c->getPageWrapperClass()?>">
wilfordbrimley replied on at Permalink Reply
I've never been able to get Composer to work in my custom themes. Do you have to add this wrapper div in the page template that you want to add Composer functionality to?
MaestroMagnifico replied on at Permalink Reply
Yup. In my case it's first block in body. There's also some stuff needs to be added in head and footer. You can download theme from first post as an example and check scripts in "elements" folder.