Single page slug with 'hyphen'

In the same way that a page slug is suggested by C5 by hyphenating the keywords in the page name, I'd like my single pages to have slugs with hyphen-separated keywords. However, it seems that C5 camelCase conversion means my single page URLs must have underscores.

Can anyone think of a good way around this? Single pages don't seem to support canonical URLs like template pages do.


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Mainio replied on at Permalink Reply
It would be in fact cool if it was possible to choose the format for single pages as well.

The only way around this is to look into your database and the "PagePaths" table from there. If you change the single page's page path from there, it would work through the dashes.

But please not that this workaround can only be used for the single pages you have created yourself! If you modify the URL slug of any core single page, you might possibly break some redirects or hardcoded URLs on that page.