Slicknav and vs

I have been using slicknav ( for mobile navigation for a while now. I have it running fine on several builds including, but I just started a new build on I'm getting a type error.

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not a function (evaluating '$('.menubar').slicknav({
   (anonymous function)

I ran chrome inspector and it says specifically .slicknav is what is undefined.
I have no idea why this is no longer working, but any help would be awesome.
I have my app.js loading in the footer. No calls to jQuery, or anything like that. I did move the js and css for slicknav into my template view assets, but it wasn't working before I did that.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
first of all slicknav requires jQuery so you need to load it. Here however the problem seems to be that it can't find the slicknav script.

2 possibilities: either it's not loaded at all or it is loaded after the call to activate it so your script can't find it. You should check that.
justrj replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, I feel incredibly smart right now. Somehow I deleted the js call from the head ..probably when I deleted the meta tags when I converted the theme. Oops! All is well now.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
good to hear :)