SlidesJS slideshow doesn´t work


i want to use this jQuery Plugin and i did everything like in the tutorial but the plugin doesn´t work. Chrome Console says:

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'slidesjs'

Is this saying, that jQuery isn´t loaded correctly?

Plz help. Thx!

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ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you include the jquery library there? If so just remove that a Concrete5 default has the jquery library added.

P.S. Jquery library is a javascript file like jquery.js or jquery.min.js

micrdy replied on at Permalink Reply
where can i disable the concrete5 default jquery library?
VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Reply
Uncaught type errors are like syntax errors, you might be missing a coma or semicolon somewhere, I would go back through your code and double check its all correct.

As Rony said don't include jquery, c5 loads that anyway, so it doesn't need loading again.

If you disable jquery out of conncrete5 completely, Concrete5 will not work properly if at all.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Its probably saying that the slidejs plugin is not loaded at the time the call was made.

- slidejs is not loaded at all
- the call is being made before loading of slidejs is complete

In the second case, a likely reason is that the code calling slidejs is not wrapped in a jQuery ready handler.

If you have concerns about the syntax of code, you can check it with jslint or jshint. There are online services for both, or you can install them directly on your development system. (or jsHint is built in to my jQuickie addon).