Slow hosting through iPage

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Hi All,

I built my site on a local server, and moved it to iPage for hosting. It now takes several minutes to load each page. I contacted them, and they said it loads just fine. I have tried it on different ISPs, had friends try on their computers, and it's always slow.

Is anyone else running into this problem with them?

The site is

I appreciate any help.

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Ekko replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Check your site here, and than explain to your host that it is not loading fine.
dclatzen replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Thanks for the advice Ekko. I tested it and got these results in the "waterfall" section (attached image). I'm no expert, but the "time to first byte" refers to the first time the server sent anything, am I right?
It looks like the time to first byte accounts for the delay, which would mean a slow host, right?

Thanks for your help.
Ekko replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes first byte is related to your host and its time to find a new one considering they brushed it off as "just fine".
Spletnapot replied on at Permalink Reply

yep i know exactly what you mean.
Did hours, days all together weeks research on how to improve concrete5 site speed.
Seen numerous complaints that concrete5 based site is slow, and even more solutions on how to improve your site speed.

I get ya, you tried several hosting providers and site is still slow.

Only solution is: get a decent hosting provider. Static pages can run on almost anything with no effort. Concrete5 is not one of those.
You can either follow my footsteps and learn the hard way, or stop right now and put all your effort in finding the right host.

I could give ya even more proof that concrete5 site can be responsive as hell and it all depends on hosting resources. Amiant gallery on every subpage.. ect ect..

Did i mention that atm 2 identical sites are running on 2 hostings and first site is like a snail and 2nd one(published few days ago) is responsive like hell.
And to go even further, at the end its the same hosting provider with different web sites, names...

Not enough hosting resources makes site slow.
Concrete5 is great with proper hosting, no doubt.