Staff Directory w/ jQuery

I need to move one of our corporate websites over to Concrete5 from Joomla. I know, I know. Don't go there! ;-)

There is one feature that I'm not entirely sure on the best process. It's a list of all of our staff. Clicking on a name will drop down in a jQuery Accordion the Phone Number and Email Address for that person. That's it...just three or 4 short lines for each person.

The most obvious thought is a Page List and creating a page for each person with a couple of attributes for Email & Phone Number...but that just seems like overkill, doesn't it? The data to be displayed isn't worthy of it's own's just a few lines.

Is there a better way to do something like this aside from handwriting everyone out in a basic Content Block?


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mesuva replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I actually think creating a page for each staff member, of a page type (like 'staff') is actually a really good way to handle this. Here's some benefits:

- You can easily create and add further attributes down the track, without having to do any coding.
- You can add a file attribute to the page to be able to add a staff picture
- You can add the page to the composer, giving you a really nice interface for adding future staff members
- You can use a page-list block and a custom template to output your staff list. You can easily make different templates for different purposes, including a drop down.
- If you want, you can actually make the pages themselves useful. You could have the staff page type automatically display the contact information, but you could have extra info there, a contact form, etc.
- It's not a big deal to exclude these pages from the nav, sitemap and search index.
- You could create a staff search quite easily too. (you can customise the search box only search a part of the tree, and you could customise the output to not link to the pages).

It actually makes no difference that you have an extra page in the system, we're only talking a few records in the database. As long as you keep the sitemap nice and tidy, I think the benefits of using pages greatly outweigh any negatives.
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
There are a couple of addons that may already do what you want, or act as a close starting point for it.
TheRealSean replied on at Permalink Reply
I pondered the each person to a page or using a user account, in the end time restraints meant I used a custom block. I also looked at creating user accounts but this ties each user to having a username and password.

If I where to redo this I think I would redo as pages, then use a page list template to output a custom display.

One problem you may face with the block based approach is moving users from one department to another, if you are splitting them off into sections or in my case it was areas(I used three pages, though with the clipboard this may be easier now)
leinteractive replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, @mesuva. I guess you confirmed what I was already leaning towards. The term "Page" always throws me for a loop because I keep wanting a page in the sitemap to actually be a page in the website with real content on it...when in reality, a "Page" is more or less just a piece of data to be displayed any way you see fit.

@JohntheFish & @TheRealSean, I looked at both of those add-ons and I didn't want to go with the User route simply because I don't need site users with passwords and usernames. I just need to display a simple staff directory.

Thanks for the input everyone.
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
If you are willing to pay $75 then I can highly recommend "Contact Directory".