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I've just noticed c5 have posted a store locator module for $255. Wow thats expensive for pasting google's code and a small amount of dashboard code.

I have nearly finished a version which I was going to put in the market place for free.

Any one interested let me know and I will share.

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dg1 replied on at Permalink Reply
I just checked the marketplace price and it says $55, not $255.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
two different add-ons.

The dealer locator lets you upload a CSV file to manage records, or edit them by hand. It geolocates using google's API and then displays locations in a list and map using the radius search you'd expect.

We priced it at a pricepoint we thought was reasonable for a client that actually had multiple locations to map. Frankly to a business that has stores plural it needs to present to a customer, $255 seems pretty cheap. It's also the pricepoint we found at the upper end of the same range of solutions for dotNetNuke which has a similar free core/paid add-ons model.

It took us about two days of coding to make it, if that matters, but by all means build your own.

I haven't played with the store locator (for $55) but I believe it lets you do similar geolocation but items need to be added individually and theres no map.
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Frz,
Thanks for your reply.

I think we will always differ on addons in my belief some of the addons within the market place are very expensive for what they are but on the other side some are very cheap. I understand it is difficult to come up with a price.
However some of your competitor free cms solutions provide decent plugins a very reasonable costs. for example Wordpress Store Locator Plugin is free and has everything you have developed.

If I release my dealer locator plugin to the market place will you release it? or as you now have developed one, thats it!
dcgws replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi frz,

Actually I've already added the CSV Import script to the Store Locator Add-on.
edbeeny replied on at Permalink Reply
For a few of you who have asked for my version.
This is fully working, but needs a bit of cleaning up. thats why I havent put it into the market place.
If anyone wants to finish it off then you are more than welcome.

Elstud replied on at Permalink Reply
I am interesting.
Would you share your module ?
The zip you give is unfunctionnal..