Super Newbie needs help editing footer, and/or block sizes - please help


I am completely new at creating websites and I have been moving at a decent clip creating what I wanted however there is a few things I can't seem to fix even after searching everywhere on Concrete5. The forum discussion on - "remove the "Powered by concrete5" in my theme's footer" - would have helped immensely unfortunately I'm a complete newbie and can not figure out how to edit the code to change the file that needs changing (I can't even locate where the code is to even try to edit). I am using a bought theme (Roxie e-Commerce) and it only allows me to edit the left footer in the edit page mode, unfortunately it looks terrible I have a SiteLock Badge and next to it I wanted the PayPal Badge but it only allows me to add a block under the SiteLock badge ( Maybe there is a way to edit the width of the block and I can squeeze two badge's in next to the "Powered by" text. I would also like to edit the "Powered by" text as well. I can't find a way to get to the code to even try to follow the steps in other Forum answers. Please help, thanks in advance.

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c5studio replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
First, the code for the theme should be located in something like /packages/theme_roxie/themes/roxie, the name might be a bit different but you get the idea. Now it depends on the theme, but often you can find the code for the footer in elements/footer.php, if you can't find it contact the theme's support.

To display the blocks side by side, you will need to use css to float either one or both of them. You can do this by clicking on the block, do to design, and then in the "Additional Css" under the css tab add "float: left" (without the quotes)
JimBarnetts replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the quick response! So I goto the dashboard and then goto themes I pick the theme that is in use and I can't find anything about elements. From the dashboard could you explain how to get to elements or whatever option I would select. Thanks again it is a huge help.
12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
you have to use ftp or your cpanels file manager.
JimBarnetts replied on at Permalink Reply
So you have to goto the hosting site control panel not Concrete5 to access the tools needed to fix the footer. I will give it a try thanks I really appreciate all the help.