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Hi Folks,
I have implemented the superfish menu on a site I am building for a client: and I can't seem to find the css class to enable the menu to stay active when on a sub section or a sub sub section.

I have the rollover colour happening but this was activated in the set up panel.

Does anyone know where in the 'superfish.css' I should change the active element?

Also Ideally I would have liked the menu top pop open under the current item rather than popping out of the side is this possible with the block? If not can anyone point me in the direction of where to get it?


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bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
You can find the SuperFish css files in the packages directory under your root. There are 3 files. superfish.css is prob the one your looking for.
craftyCS replied on at Permalink Reply
Already on that check out para 3 above ;-P
Have tried various classes to make it active but can't find the one that works?
bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
Shouldn't respond without having morning coffee :)
craftyCS replied on at Permalink Reply
Strange thing is I when I first loaded it the type was automatically light and when active went bold but I couldn't find or add anything to make the block background the same as the hover colour. and there are definitely no settings for changing it to be more like an accordion effect on rollover.
bcarone replied on at Permalink Reply
I know you can play around with the other associated css to get some of what your looking for.

The effect your looking for may be in the js file(s). Have you looked there as well?
hydriplex replied on at Permalink Reply
Inside one of your CSS files, you'll see this line:
#sf-menu37 .sf-menu li{background-color:#000000 !important }

Found it? Good. Under that paste the following:
#sf-menu37 .sf-menu li:hover{background-color:#0072b0 !important; }

Now, as for repositioning the menu to be below the menu item, I'm not sure; I'm pretty unfamiliar with Superfish.
craftyCS replied on at Permalink Reply
Strange I only have one CSS file and my templates folder is emtpy (what goes in here?) but in the one 'superfish.css' file I have there is no line #sf-menu37 that has a number in it?
Pritam replied on at Permalink Reply
I was digging through the forums to look for achieving something similar to what @craftyCS was trying to achieve. I checked the superfish.css files however I too could not find #sf-menu37.

Would like to know if @craftyCS was able to achieve it and how ?

I also am going through the other files as mentioned by @bcarone, but still no success.

I current active state that i am getting is just font-style: bold, I tried changing the css property within the superfish.css that says

/*** ccm customizations ***/
ul.sf-menu li a.nav-selected { font-weight:bold
ul.sf-menu li a.nav-selected li{ font-weight:normal 

However, the bold property gets over-rided and neither my newly set properties show up.

Also, was wondering why there were no ;(delimiters) in the above mentioned css properties, noticed such in the view.php of the super-fish menu too.