Survey not working with 960 grid template

Hello; here the link where you will see the survey standard block not working.

Survey displays off side on the first item (pushed to the right), and the only working item is the last one, "Maracuyá".

I suspect on a javascript conflict, but are not able to find it.

Please help.


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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
This can be resolved with css i guess. If you put:

.container_16 form {
float: left;}

the alignment is fine.
Dinamicore replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks corretje but didn´t work; tried some other css codes, but no way; as I already delivered the site to the client, I am using this one for test purposes.

As you can see, the situation is even worst in this test site compared to the good one

Checked again for the possible javascript conflict, but could not see one.

Please further help.

Steevb replied on at Permalink Reply
Your doctypes are not right.

Declare one doctype and make sure end tags match.

You have ' />' and '>', you can't have both.

One is 'Strict' the other 'Transitional'

There maybe other errors.

Sort the doctype and end tags, see if that helps.
Dinamicore replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks 55webdesign; corrected all the css errors following the service; 0 errors

But, the problem remains.

javascript conflict?