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On a page i've built with c5 i've discovered, that the ./files/tmp folder contains over 100k files with a size over 400MB.
Shouldn't they be deleted automatically? Or is there a job I can import to C5?

If there is no job, i'll create a package with the job.

Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Well 400MB is quite big for a tmp file .... are you sure you didn't get hacked ?

That said, AFAIK, the tmp folder is not cleared by c5, but by the system (normally upon reboot, but lots of servers just setup a crond task for that). If you setuped your tmp folder to a different place, then you have to clean it yourself.
Steff replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello goutnet

The server was not beeing hacked.
The temp folder is the standard c5 temp folder. ./files/tmp

The files in this folder are all sess_*
I think this are session cookies.

In the last four days, there were 3575 files created with a total size of 20M.

If this is not a bug or a wrong config, i'll create a cron job, which deletes all files in ./files/tmp for all sites on the server every night.

Btw. Its a C5 installation.
goutnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok i missed the point, I thought you were saying each file were 400MB :/

Well, c5 changed quite a lot about the cache policy, IMO you should try the 5.6.1, it should solve that.

Now, I don't quite see the interest of a cache cleaner job, it really defeat the whole purpose of the cache actually :/
Steff replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok. I tried to upgrade over the dashboard. But unfortunately, says, there are no updates.

Do I have to upgrade manually?
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
The usual process is that a new release is left for clean installs or manual updates for a week or 2. It is only configured for auto upgrade once further proven.
Steff replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you John

I'll upgrade manually or will wait until the update is available over the dashboard. Anyway, I'll let you know if the update solved the problem.