The same .js file outputting multiple times from different block templates

Hi There,

We have a slider that is used with two different block templates but when both templates are used on the same page, the .js initialisation file loads twice from two different locations:

We're thinking of putting the initialisation .js into the footer of every page and somehow using php to check the page for div.slider before outputting - can php do this or is it better to use jquery?

We just don't want the initialisation code to run unless div.slider is on the page.



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cmscss replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
In the end we just used jquery in footer.php to check if the slider or gallery divs are on the page - pretty simple!

$(document).ready(function() {
  // initialise slider if .owl-carousel is on the page
  if ($(".owl-carousel")[0]) {
    // initialisation code
  // initialise fancy-box if .open-fancybox is on the page
  if ($(".open-fancybox")[0]) {
    // initialisation code