Unable to change block size or text font

In the systemwide settings I am forced to name my webpage or else it defaults to Concrete 5 in the theme I am using. In the block on my webpage where that name displays the bottom of the "g" in my website name is being cutoff. However I am not able to edit the block to change the block size or to change the font of the text. Any ideas how I can fix this?

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AcruxFarmer replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, You can control those elements in through the templates CSS document. You will find it in the template folder that you are using located unter themes. If you are using the default template you will find it on your website server. The path will be as follows yourdomain/concrete/themes/default/main.css

That is the path and the file that contains all the styling for the template. You will also find in that same folder a file named typography.css that controls all the type in your site.