Unknown errors with site design: Auto-Nav and Add Layout

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Hi all,

This is my first time using the Concrete5 forums, but I'm hoping I might find some help in the community for some (hopefully pedestrian) issues that have arisen over the course of my site's construction. Disclaimer: I'm building this site for my business (a museum) as a revamp of our earlier one which runs on v.5.6.4 and we decided to forego the legacy and implement a rebuild. The old site is still live, and the new one is being built on a "hidden" (non-linked) extension of the URL and as a new folder within the PHP.

My only experience in webdesign is in navigating the front-end UI of Concrete5. My technical vocabulary is limited and I'm a novice at best at implementing or editing code. All-in-all, every day is a new learning experience.

Here is the new website in question:http://www.ivdesertmuseum.org/0_Staging_site/index.php/home...

Anyway, here are my two problems:

1. Auto-nav.

I've implemented an Auto-nav (Block Template: Site Nav Right) within the header of the new site and set the block so that the auto-nav displays from the top level and "displays all" for child pages and page levels. However, the published auto-nav only displays the first sub-level down, and only that one sub-level of pages is clickable. The top level pages are not working links, and all sub-levels below sub-level 1 (there are at times a maximum of 3 sub-levels) do not display. Oddly enough, if you right-click the top-level pages, you can access the pages that way.

Does anyone have any ideas on what's causing this error and how it can be resolved?

2. Add Layout.

As you can see on the new site, I've been able to create multiple columns within the Main Body of the site. This has worked smoothly and perfectly across the 10 or so pages that I've created to-date. However, now whenever I go to "Add Layout," the blue progress bar along the top of the page moves very slowly and eventually stalls out when it has reached the right-hand side of the window. No error message appears... the page just times out and I'm left with a grayed-out page that's stuck mid-load. My only solution at that point is to refresh the page, but I'm still unable to load the "Add Layout" tool to create new columns.

I've tried simple troubleshooting like clearing my browser cache, trying to access the site through different computers and on different internet connections, but no luck. I have also tried the "Add Layout" tool on newly-created pages, as well as on existing pages (both those already with columns and those without), but the problem is present across them all. I also tried "Add Layout" on a completely separate and stock template, but it persisted there as well.

I can still add content blocks, edit existing blocks, and even modify existing layouts... but I cannot add new ones, no matter how I try to approach it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how this can be resolved?

Thanks for the read everyone, and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

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JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
1. The autonav edit dialog has those settings and the controller sorts out nav data according to those settings. But its up to the view/template to build them into what you see on the page. Some view templates are only coded for 1 or 2 levels. Some adapt to show everything.

2. If you look in a browser dev console there will probably be errors reported saying something about what has gone wrong.
In general, layouts are not really used for big arrangements, but for creating localised variations to templates. If you have a complex layout used on multiple pages, better to code a template in your theme.