Upgraded from v8.1 to v8.2, now getting __construct errors in addons


A mystery for you. Since upgrading from v8.1 to v8.2, many of my custom addons are now getting errors. Here is one example from the logs:

Exception Occurred: /opt/library/concrete/src/Permission/IPService.php:84 Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Permission\IPService::__construct() must be an instance of Concrete\Core\Config\Repository\Repository, null given, called in /opt/library/packages/adminforms/controllers/dialog/adminforms.php on line 114 and defined (4096)

The offending line is:

$ip = new IPService();

Here is the constructor for IPService:

public function __construct(Repository $config, Connection $connection, Request $request)
$this->config = $config;
$this->connection = $connection;
$this->request = $request;

Again, this is only one example for this occurance where teh constructor blows up in 8.2 (but not 8.1)

Any thoughts?

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Doki replied on at Permalink Reply
Investigating, its these lines that no longer work:

$ip = new IPService();
$mh = new MailHelper();

Yet there is no changes to the file in the latter case. Also, it looks like these should have never worked (yet I know at least the latter did, as we've used the mail helper repeatedly before the update).
Doki replied on at Permalink Reply
So another update: it looks like I can fix this issue by defining a constructor in my override class. Set it for no variables. Problem solved.

Still doesn't explain what triggered this issue (or why it would without a constructor class in the override class previously). But my issue is solved for now.